Ulster Braeburn – super stylish!

Whether you love stylish hard flooring, prefer luxurious carpets or adore contemporary schemes rather than classic styles, we can provide a diverse selection of flooring to create a stunning home that you’ll be proud of.

For those who love hard flooring, the Amtico Spacia Collection is proving incredibly popular, and with 104 designs to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice! Influenced by global interior trends, these products have been designed to enable home-owners to bring the beauty of natural-looking flooring into their homes with the advantage of warmth and quiet underfoot.

Amtico Spacia is renowned for simplicity, practicality and durability, and their new Parquet Collection extends their versatility, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of effortless style and ease of maintenance in a popular parquet effect that has enduring appeal.

The history of parquet floors dates back 500 years where it was used extensively in lavish palaces and extravagant country residences, with elaborate patterns and opulent designs used to display the wealth of property owners. 

With its classic appeal, parquet complements many interior schemes, both traditional and modern. It can add real sophistication to a spacious living area, bring a touch of classic charm to a snug bedroom, or introduce distinctive style to a contemporary kitchen. Parquet is also ideal for hallways with its continuous pattern drawing people into your home, and you can relax in the knowledge that the hard-wearing floor is protected with a 25-year warranty.

If classic style carpets with a modern twist are your thing then you’ll be delighted with Ulster’s Braeburn selection which has been inspired by interior decorating trends. The Braeburn range of unique and earth plaid patterns can add a rustic charm to your home, and their stunning selection of tartan patterns will add character and depth to any space. Ulster’s focus on design and innovation has led them to create matching plain carpets to complement the tartan patterns.

You can create a subtle theme throughout your home with the Braeburn plaid/tartan in the hall, stairs and landing and the complementary plain in the lounge, dining room and bedrooms, or whatever combination suits you. The Braeburn carpets are woven with an 80%/20% wool and nylon composition meaning that they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they are ultra-resilient and long-lasting too! To view the Amtico Spacia range or our stunning selection from Ulster visit our showroom in Central Preston. We have a vast selection of carpets, hard flooring and rugs on display from some of the most reputable manufacturers across the globe. Our friendly team will be on hand to help you create the home you desire. 

This article was featured in Live Magazine and you can see the full article here.