Transform your home with ‘make me a rug’

You can be far more daring with a rug than a carpet or hard flooring, especially when you ask Alternative Flooring to ‘make me a rug’. Rug’s are so versatile and can be  moved from room to room.

It’s easy to let your imagination run wild with a rug and add an element of fun and excitement to a room, rejuvenating it with contrasting colours and intricate patterns. You can brighten up even the darkest of rooms and make a statement with a dazzling and vibrant rug. They’re also perfect for protecting your carpet, wooden floor or tiles from stains, scuffs and dirt plus they tend to be more durable and easier to clean than fitted flooring.

Vicky Keelan, Managing Director of Gainsborough Flooring commented, “Rugs have become increasingly popular over the years as they’re transferable, so you can move them to a different setting if the mood takes you or of course to a new house if you’re moving. A rug can neutralise a bright and colourful room with natural tones, or you can go the other way and introduce striking and vivid colours to a plain or dark space.”

Alternative Flooring’s ‘Make Me A Rug’ service is a tremendous facility where you can select every detail from the colour, pattern, texture, border and size, allowing you to create a rug for even the most awkward space. You can go quirky or neutral or match another carpet you already have in place to create a theme throughout your home. Being able to create your own rug means you can add any flash of colour or design to your rug, making it completely unique to you.

Vicky continued, “Rugs can play an important role in your home and are an inexpensive way to revitalise any space. When people are considering a refresh but don’t want to alter their whole décor, they can achieve the desired changes with a rug. We often have customers with draughty floors in Victorian houses and these can quickly be transformed to warm, comfortable and welcoming spaces with a plush rug.”

If you crave luxuriousness under your feet then a wool Jacaranda rug woven on traditional hand operated looms could be the perfect choice. The elasticity of good quality wool gives excellent resilience and wear properties.  Its fibres are covered in a thin membrane which inhibits water penetration, so providing natural stain resistance, and it holds less static than most synthetic yarns so does not attract dust or promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria. 

If you feel inspired to transform your home for Christmas with a lavish rug why don’t you visit the Gainsborough Flooring showroom in Preston city centre, where you can view an extensive range of natural and vibrant rugs to complement or contrast your décor?

This article was featured in Live Magazine and you can see the full article here.