The Red Dress designed by Olivia Haile

Many of you will have seen the red dress in our window, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, in the Lancashire Evening Post, or anywhere else you may have happened to have seen it.

This particular red dress was designed and created by Olivia Haile, a student at the University of Central Lancashire.

Vicky collaborated with the university to put together a competition to design a dress made out of red carpet that they would then have to make. The winner would receive an attractive cash prize, as well as the knowledge that their piece would be displayed in the front window of our showroom, which is in the heart of a lot of student accomodation… As this competition was kept within the art and textiles department, the entries could also be used to go towards students final grades. Olivia was decided as the winner, against many other fantastic entries, and set about making the dress.

The finished product is nothing short of spectacular, and Olivia managed to make the dress so that it could actually be worn!

We’re very proud to display this in the front window of our showroom, and it attracts a great deal of attention from the passing public and, obviously, it’s a brilliant talking point for customers in the showroom.