The Gainsborough Flooring home selection service is thriving in conjunction with visitors to the showroom!

As the virus situation becomes more challenging, people are finding our flooring home service very appealing, especially as the Gainsborough team try and make the home service as similar as possible to a visit to the showroom.

Many clients have utilised Facetime as well as other platforms such as WhatsApp and Zoom to view the showroom and talk through their ideas with the team.

Vicky Brown from Gainsborough Flooring commented, “It’s actually been fun showing visitors the showroom online and discussing ideas and going through different samples they can consider. Once they’ve selected suitable samples we have then delivered them to the client’s home so they can see them in situ.”

Colours play a major part in the selection process and the flooring range from Gainsborough Flooring includes so many subtle differences in shades, patterns and textures that customers can tailor their choice to fit in with their particular colour scheme. In some cases it’s made clients consider the rest of their furnishings and décor as the new flooring looks so stunning that they feel they need to refresh the whole space! There’s also been a surge in rug sales as people are freshening their rooms up.

Once the new flooring has been selected the Gainsborough Flooring team works closely with the client to determine when it is best to fit the floor to ensure minimum disruption. Safety of course is of the upmost importance in a client’s home as well as in the showroom and the team wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whether they are delivering samples, measuring up or fitting a new floor.

Vicky concluded, “We’ve found that clients absolutely love our sample service as it provides an added dimension to choosing the most ideal flooring for their space. They get a combination of professional support and advice from us and then can discuss the options and samples with their family and friends before making their final decision. It also saves a trip to the city centre avoiding buses or parking, especially if people are concerned about their safety in the current climate.”