Sophisticated Social Distancing Floor Marking

As we slowly come out of lockdown and adjust to new practices returning to work, education and life in general, we need to ensure we do so whilst keeping safety at the top of our priority list.

Social distancing is still very important during these extraordinary times and Burmatex have come up with a very clever solution to help you achieve this in several different environments.

Think about the new normal of standing in a queue, looking at the temporary distancing measures that all manner of businesses have put into place.

A lot of these temporary demarcation measures involve adding physical items to the space, such as tape, chain links, bollards, etc. There could, however, be a solution using carpet tiles.

A good way to help achieve a safe distance is to create zoned areas within the floor; no risk of trip hazards and it will still look fantastic whilst helping people realise boundaries and avoid awkward and potentially unsafe moments.

We all know money is going to be tight for a while so, try this little tip if you already have carpet tiles and have no plans to change your flooring.

Burmatex carpet tiles all measure 500mm x 500mm, this is the most common size adopted within the industry, you can use this to easily keep a safe distance (4 tiles side by side is 2 metres). Plank format carpets are slightly different and measure 250mm x 1000mm so depending on the way you lay them the distance is easy to work out (2 full lengths or 8 on the width).  Here are some images to help give inspiration for you to form your own ideas of what can be achieved.