Safety Vinyl For Social Club

Last year Moor Park Sports and Social Club had suffered from vandals who had stolen the lead from their roof. This resulted in water leaking inside the club, which caused damage to the electrics and the flooring.

The electricians, Murray & Rose who were repairing the electrical damage recommended us to the owners of the club and we fitted out the bar area, as well as the seating and snooker areas. 

For the bar area we opted for Polysafe wood fx in rustic oak, which is a decorative safety vinyl flooring which combines the assurance of sustainable wet slip resistance with high durability in a heavy traffic commercial environment. 

For the seating and snooker area we selected Wilton Kingston classic carpet which is 80% wool and 20% manmade, so ideal for medium and high-traffic areas in commercial settings such as the hotels, bars and hospitality venues.

The team at the social club were delighted with the results and commented that the carpet was beautiful and spongy and very pleasant to walk on!