Safe Flooring Installed In Care Home

Safety is paramount in any care home and this was at the forefront of our minds when we were commissioned by building contractors W. Monks (Longridge) Ltd to install new flooring at Bowgreave Rise Care Home in Garstang. We were asked to replace the flooring in two bedrooms and a toilet. 

We selected the Polysafe Wood fx PUR range as it is a high specification, decorative safety vinyl flooring range, which combines the assurance of sustainable wet slip resistance with high durability for years of performance. The range features popular and high clarity wood designs and we selected Silver Oak and Rustic Oak for the bedrooms and the toilet.

Eddy Brown, Contracts Manager at Gainsborough Flooring commented, “We always carry out a risk assessment at premises before selecting suitable flooring, and of course this is critical in a care home environment. We opted for the Polysafe Wood fx PUR range for its durable and slip resistant qualities combined with the fact that it looks exceptional.”

Eddy continued, “Of course we’re also very conscious of keeping any disruption to a minimum. To ensure the residents weren’t disturbed, we went into the bedrooms and bathroom to remove the furniture and strip the floor in the morning and have the new flooring fully installed later that day.”

The floor was so well received that we hope any new flooring will also utilise this exceptional product range.