Gainsborough Flooring has moved

After more than 40 years on Shepherd Street, Vicky, Eddy and Sheila made the bold choice to relocate the business. Staying in Preston was essential, but finding the correct location was hard.

Eventually, after many months of meticulous planning and preparation, in October 2013, 26 Heatley Street was decided as the new location for Gainsborough Flooring. Eddy was on holiday in India for 3 weeks, and during this time Vicky had purchased the building, knocked the inside to pieces and started the renovation work… All during one of the busiest weeks of the year (October half-term).

Eddy came back from his holiday none the wiser, and to say he was surprised and shocked is a bit of an understatement.

Nevertheless, in the space of just 4 weeks, the new building went from an abandoned ICT workshop & offices, to a building site full of rubble, to a beautiful, warm, inviting showroom. The building work finished on the second Sunday in November, the furnishings and stands moved in on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the showroom was officially opened on the Thursday.

Now settled into their new place, Eddy and Vicky are happy to give customers the attention that they require and deserve, within the comfortable setting of their brand new showroom.