Coronavirus Update & Fitting Information

Following the Government’s guidelines, our showroom will be closed until we are told we can open again.

Though the showroom is closed I will be answering all of your emails so please do stay in touch with any questions you may have about your flooring by emailing me at 

You are also free to call the main showroom number and I will pick this up remotely.

Since we closed the showroom, we have been inundated by customers emailing and calling saying they still want their flooring fitted.

Obviously, under the circumstances we can’t do this, however, we’re asking you all to send your plans, whether they are home drawn or from an architect and we will advise and price up your project, so when we’re open again we can hit the ground running.

Please do keep safe and keep in touch by emailing or calling 01772 250682.

With very best wishes,