Be inspired by Amtico’s Colour Edit range

Amtico genuinely believe that lively colours shouldn’t just be confined to your walls. Their new Colour Edit collection offers a beautiful array of hues from rich emerald tones to soft plaster pinks bringing your floor into the limelight. 

You can create a combination of bold colours or subtle tones adding a touch of charm to your floor with 25 expertly crafted shades across four designs, refined and developed to effortlessly complement one another or stand stunningly alone.

The four unique design textures offer a real variety, from aged plaster and subtle watercolours to more architectural tonal shadows, including:

Diffusion, which has five fresh pastel shades and a soft chalky texture and will brighten any colour scheme with its delicate hues. 

Modernist, which has been developed through studies of Brutalist architecture with colourways inspired by light patterns on concrete, creating tonal shifts that give way to soft angles and a multitude of layers.

Stucco, which is softly textured for a fine, sophisticated finish with hues ranging from mottled watercolours to soft concretes and dry plaster.

Encaustic, which has an earthy, raw texture and is influenced by the saturated tones of minerals, marble and semi-precious stones.

With a perfect balance of subtlety and drama the Colour Edit range delivers a selection of appealing choices for any room in your home. 

You can also introduce your own unique style to your home with Amtico’s new Signature Wood collection featuring textured grains with striking patterns and inspiring colour palettes. The 23 new additions range from cool-toned, Scandinavian inspired pines and weathered oaks to rich traditional grains. Across six designs, the host of colours, grains and textures provide a perfect pairing for every interior. 

Designs include monochromatic weathered pines, colour stained and revived timber, as well as a Treated Grains selection which unites the character and tones of processed timber with the high performance of a premium luxury vinyl tile flooring. Their Rustic Grains collection will evoke the tactile nature of reclaimed wood with its honest features and pronounced texture. 

So, whether you opt for a classically elegant scheme or a minimalist space, Amtico’s Signature Wood selection will elevate your interior with natural energy.

Feeling inspired? Why don’t you come in and see the exciting displays we have in our extensive showroom? We have plenty of patterns, colours and inspiring interiors to get your creativity flowing. 

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